Is the GOP heading to a brokered convention?

Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz. (Courtesy: Associated Press)

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – With a decisive win for Senator Ted Cruz in Wisconsin last night, the Republican Presidential nomination is even more of a question today than it was yesterday.

Cruz snagged 36 of the 42 delegates up for grabs in the Dairy State, leaving us to wonder if Donald Trump is still the big cheese.

Michigan Republican Party Communications Director Sarah Anderson says picking who these delegates are is business as usual. “The rules have been decided,” said Anderson. “The process is the same.”

Dr. Matt Grossmann, a political scientist at Michigan State University, explains things are more interesting if Mr. Trump can’t clear the 1,237 delegate threshold needed. “It’s very important to know not just who these delegates are pledged to but who their sincere preference is for president,” said Dr. Grossman.

At an increasingly likely brokered convention those delegates pledged to Mr. Trump on the first ballot will be free on successive ballots to vote for other candidates…

“Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich are the only candidates who will receive votes from Michigan on the first ballot,” added Anderson.

That’s because they’re the only three who met a 15 percent minimum of the vote in Michigan’s primary. But having pledged delegates on the first ballot doesn’t mean a candidate has the delegates’ genuine support.

“All three campaigns have great ground games in Michigan,” explained Anderson. “They’re working very hard to make sure those are folks that are going to stick with them past the first ballot.”

This kind of a tight race is not common but Dr. Grossmann says you can make a difference by voicing your opinion and becoming involved in local politics.

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