UPDATE: Verdicts are in for the ‘Murder for Hire’ trial

UPDATE 2:15 p.m. The jury has returned guilty verdicts for all three defendants in the so-called “Murder for Hire” killing of Frances Craig.

JACKSON, MI (WLNS) – The jury listened as both prosecution and defense delivered their final arguments this morning. One last plea from both sides to convince the jury whether or not the three men — Rodney McKee, Clifford McKee, and Cortez Butler are guilty in the August 2014 death of Frances Craig.

Assistant Prosecutor Kati Rezmierski described Frances Craig’s last moments before succumbing to death.

“Somewhere around 2…2 agonizing full minutes for her to just even lose consciousness from loss of blood.  All during which the time he is still stabbing and slicing and stabbing and slicing,” said Rezmierski.

Each defense attorney took their turn to tell the jury the prosecution is basing their charges on loose facts and smoke and mirrors, in their words.

Attorney Jerry Engle representing Cortez Butler said, “Miss Rezmierski gets up there and always does a very good job of being forceful and outspoken and pushing things. But, a lot of what she said was trying to say something that wasn’t there in the facts.”

Attorney Charles Perlos representing Rodney McKee said, “because his phone lit up from his house where he lives, that somehow he was conspiring and how he was meeting some individuals to do some dastardly act. It hasn’t been proven.”

Rezmierski made her final remarks stating the proof is right in front of the juror’s eyes. The fate of the McKee’s and Cortez Butler are in the hands of the jury now.

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