Arrests for outstanding warrants could be prevented according to MSP Jackson

JACKSON, MI (WLNS) – Part of the job of Michigan State Police troopers is arresting people on outstanding warrants.  In Jackson, First Lt. Kyle Bowman wants you to know it has to be done.

“Somebody may be going to work, somebody may be going to pick up their kid, or a special event and suddenly they have a traffic stop because they have illegal tint on their car, a headlight out, going too fast, or rolled a stop sign.  Suddenly, that now turns into the end of their day because they’re going to jail because they have a warrant,” said First Lt. Kyle Bowman.

The MSP Jackson Post have made 580 stops since March 1. Among those, 43 have turned into fugitive arrests.  The stops also include knocking on doors on top of traffic violations.

Bowman said, “we have 120 warrants, open warrants for our post area that we remind people, ‘hey there’s an opportunity to turn themselves in on their own.’ Go to court, go to any law enforcement department and turn themselves in because it really does have an impact on their day.”

Bowman says they are not profiling those who get pulled over.

“This is one way we can locate people when we have a legal, legitimate reason to have contact with somebody when they have a committed a traffic offense.  To check and see if they have warrants,” said Bowman.

The Michigan State Police do not want to make connections with the public become a thing of a negative experience, according to Lt. Bowman.

As of March 1st, there have been 160 arrests out of the Michigan State Police Jackson Post.  According to Bowman, in general, citizens pulled over do not have warrants and are law abiding citizens.

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