Parma Twp. homeowners receive sticker shock on water bills

PARMA TOWNSHIP, MI (WLNS) – Amberton Village is nestled just outside the city of Albion, inside Parma Township.  More than 100 residents live inside Amberton Village.  That’s one area being charged higher fees for water.  But, according to the Parma Township supervisor it is something that needs to be done.

“Rather than risk having the state take over the water department we chose to make it or keep it solvent ourselves through an increase in rates,” said Parma Twp. Supervisor Wendy Chamberlain.

It all boils down to an aging water system.  The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality required Parma Township to install a self-starting water generator. The water bills are being raised one-hundred percent gradually rising quarterly from $55 until it hits $115.  One longtime homeowner shares his concerns.

“I know it’s too high.  Most of the people here are senior citizens.  On fixed incomes.  Like I said where is the money going that we need to pay a water bill?  I wouldn’t mind pay the $75, but going up to $115, for what? When we don’t even have a water department,” said resident George L. Davis.

Chamberlain said, “I’m sure some of you probably like pop, you might like a beer, you might smoke.  We all have to tighten our belts when the economy get bad.”

Chamberlain, in her words, sympathizes with the residents of Amberton Village but she also believes that in the end this will benefit Parma Township.

Amberton Village relies on an unmetered water system which means money going towards the water bill pays for their water system.  Chamberlain says that the bill will average out to one dollar and 28 cents per day.  This does not affect all of Parma Township.

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