It’s Pi Day so let’s have pie!

(WLNS) – Cupcakes and cookies and pie: oh my!

There’s a tasty pie and then there’s this pi: 3.14

For “National Pie Day” Sweetie-licious Bakery in Dewitt has some sweet treats in store for customers including give-aways and, you guessed it!, a special slice of pie for $3.14.

“The biggest thing is that it makes people happy. I mean people come into the show and they’re so happy and they leave happier. There’s so many different flavors, there’s so many different kinds,” says Linda Hundt of Sweetilicious. “Every once and a while, it’s very seldom, but everyone once in a while, someone will come in and say, they don’t like pie. And we’re all like WHAT?! How can this be??!!”

“Pi”, the number, not the dessert, is something Dr. Marty Johnson, the chief medical physicist at Sparrow Hospital knows something about.
Because he uses the endless number to help save lives when treating cancer patients.

“In my field, we use it to differentiate between different size tumors. So Pi is used for circumferences,” explains Dr. Johnson. “I do celebrate Pi day with my staff and we have Sweetie-licious pies and also pizza pies to celebrate all the wonderful things that Pi gives us.”

“With just the crust alone, you have gluten formation, which is where you have flower and water combining and that gives you structure, so. But, you don’t want too much structure, that’s why you add in some fat like your butter and that gives you the flakiness and makes it super delicious,” explains Ellie Hundt, Food scientist. “And you also have the browning reaction, and that gives you crust that’s golden brown in color. And then there’s the delicious filling that’s the whole gelatinous reaction which is the starch molecules heating and they swell and that’s what causes it to thicken.”

If the whole pi, p-i, and the pie, “p-i-e” things are still too confusing, most people just do what I’m doing:

Dig in.

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