Police investigate overnight shooting on Jackson’s south side

JACKSON, MI (WLNS) – A neighborhood in Jackson is reeling from gun violence.  Last night a man was shot near the intersection of Wall and Milwaukee streets on the south side of town.  Police say it’s the second attempted homicide in that area in the past week . A 19 year old was shot multiple times about five blocks away on Friday.

One victim was shot in the back last night.  Dozens of shell casings discovered nearby.  The Jackson Police Department now try to make a connection between last night’s shooting at the 100 block of Wall Street and previous incidents across the neighborhood.

Jackson Police Department Deputy Chief Elmer Hitt said, “that has yet to be determined for certain but definitely that could be a strong possibly that the two could be connected in some way.”

With the neighborhood feeling the brunt of shot fired multiple times, how concerned are the residents?

“It’s got to change some kind of way and with the help of the community it can happen but if you remain silent, it’s going to be the same way every night.  As soon as the weather breaks we’re going to get more and more gunfire and it’s got to stop,” said Jackson Resident Myron Smith.

A string of violence leaves one victim wondering why he’s being targeted.

“At this point the victim is indicating he’s not really certain who was responsible for shooting him and doesn’t really know why anyone would be targeting him,” said Deputy Chief Hitt.

Smith gives his opinion and said, “(it could be) territory beef, drug related…it’s hard to tell.  It could be multiple issues.”

Police Deputy Chief Elmer Hitt does not rule out gang related violence.

“I can tell you, as far as call volume, the number of calls we respond to, calls for service that is a higher call area…but calls versus crime, it could be, I mean, there’s a difference between what we’re called for and what’s actually criminal activity that’s being reported to us,” said Deputy Chief Hitt.

As of now, according to Deputy Chief Hitt, the victim is in critical but stable condition.  The Jackson Police Department will continue its investigation.

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