Hillary Clinton holds MI rally ahead of Democratic debate

DETROIT, MI (WLNS) – Following Thursday night’s heated Republican debate in Detroit, many eyes across the state are shifting over to the other party.

Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton continue their Michigan campaign trail two days before the Flint debate.

Hillary Clinton held a rally in the Motor City Friday afternoon at the Detroit Manufacturing System.

She detailed her plans as president, should voters choose her in front of hundreds of supporters. Clinton also spent time talking about rebuilding America’s water systems, including Flint.  The party’s front-runner is leading Senator Bernie Sander by more than 600 delegates.

Aside from calling out the Republican candidates for last night’s debate.  The former Secretary of State spent time talking about problems with “corporate America,” and focused a good portion of her speech on the global economy laying out her plans to raise wages and create jobs.  She used the city of Detroit as a good example of being able to do that.

“We can’t forget the damage caused by trickle down economics and right wing idea logs who believe in weakening government oversight, massive tax cuts for the rich, ripping away the safety net and breaking the backs of unions, but as Detroit proves everyday, what has been broken, can be rebuilt,” said Clinton.

According to Livonia resident Danielle Lewon, “Mrs. Clinton is committed to giving American’s good quality jobs.  That was obviously her biggest stand and you can’t help but appreciate that.”

Detroit resident CeCe Grant said, “I really thought Hillary’s idea about an exit tax for companies that take their companies and outshore them was really, really smart because there has to be punishment; some type of penalty for companies taking their jobs overseas.”

Other supporters offered their takes from Clinton’s speech as well with one person saying, “I think it was a fantastic speech.  I think she’s a fantastic person.  We need her for President.”

“I thought it was very impactful.  She had lot of substantial points to make…a lot of important points to make.  Definitely sold me,” said another supporter.

6 News will have continuing coverage during the 2016 Michigan Primary.

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