Governor Rick Snyder says he failed to ‘connect the dots’ amid Flint water crisis

FLINT, Mich. (WLNS) – When confronted today about the latest emails released Governor Rick Snyder said he ‘failed to ‘connect the dots’ as well as he should have.

The move comes as Snyder signed a 30 million dollar bill Friday offering credits to help off-set Flint residents hit by the water crisis.

“That’s why I’m kicking myself every day I wish I would have asked more questions I wish I wouldn’t haven’t accepted those answers.”

It’s one of Governor Rick Snyder’s harshest self-criticisms to date.

“This is something we clearly could have done better on.”

So what’s his plan to make things right?

The governor says he will now be more involved than ever before.

“Every single day I do a phone call on flint and we have the relevant people telling me the information going on. I get reports on a regular basis, I design the reports saying this is the info I want to get.”

Snyder also addressed reports there were red flags publicly ‘out there’ and not acted upon.

“There were individuals in health and human services and DEQ that had some awareness of that. Those are the red flags that we are talking about that should have been caught and escalated in some fashion.”

Cultural issues lacking within state government, it’s something Governor Snyder says we need to fix if we want to move forward.

“This is about having urgency this is about using common sense and it’s about solving this issue.”

But no matter what, the governor says he will not give up.

“There has to be another sense of urgency to make sure those red flags get spotted early. And I tell you I’m absolutely committed to that.”

Despite today’s release of emails related to Flint, Governor Snyder is rejecting calls he will be ending his term early.

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