Professor details lead Flint water discovery

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – Virginia Tech professor Marc Edwards is one of the first researchers who helped uncover lead in Flint’s water supply.

Thursday he visited Michigan State University, and shared his story, as he uncovered that Flint’s water was unsafe, and health officials were trying to hide it.

“We are able to show the harm that is being done, in spite of these agencies and we had to fight them every step of the way” Virginia Tech professor and researcher Marc Edwards said.

According to Edwards he began to test Flint’s water in 2015, after a mother with a sick child contacted him. But to his surprise, Edwards said he found that the city was in violation of the federal law, Flint had no anti-corrosion control in the water.

“You know my heart just skipped a couple of beats, because it was really, really, that bad” Edwards said as he explains his testing results.

According to Edwards, he found 867 times more lead in the water, than the maximum amount recommended by health officials.

According to Edwards, EPA expert Miguel Del Toro put his job on the line and created a memo that he says was covered up.

“You can’t just have these agencies you pay to protect us allowing them to cheat and cover these problems up.” Edwards said.

According to Edwards, while he helped detect the problem, the people of Flint were the loudest voices, and they are the true “heroes”.

“I call flint hero town USA because what these people did as scientists, was incredible; To figure out what was hurting them” Edwards said.

But Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha gives credit to Edwards and his team.

“If it wasn’t for the work of Dr. Edwards, 2 scientists from land-grant universities, we’d probably still be drinking from contaminated water.” Dr. Hanna-Atisha said.

According to Edwards, the challenge isn’t over, next is continuing reform and research especially for the children of Flint.

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