Skubick: Bi-partisan committee will “look into” Flint crisis; not an investigation

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – A bi-partisan legislative committee will look into the Flint water crisis.

Republicans are saying this is not another investigation but a top Democrat says it should be.

The state attorney general’s office has launched an investigation into the Flint water crisis and ditto for the U.S. Attorney’s office.

The state Auditor General is also reviewing it and the governor has appointed a task force of experts and two former lawmakers who will issue a report around the first of March.

At the urging of legislative Democrats, the House Republican speaker and the Senate leader have formed a bi-partisan committee to add a legislative voice to the conversation but the co-chair says this is not another investigation but an oversight assignment.

“This is not an investigation,” says Sen. Jim Stamos. “This is to find ways that we continue to improve the process for the state to make sure that we help make sure the Flint community is getting the services that they need but make sure that any other communities across the state that might face something similar or hopefully we can prevent anything even close to this from happening in the future.”

Senate Democratic leader Jim Ananich thinks the panel should have subpoena power and it’s a mistake for the Republicans to disagree. “Yeah it is and I think he’ll come to the realization that, that, that if we’re going to compel people to give us answers we’re going to have to have it.”

“We are not an investigatory body,” adds Sen Arlan Meekhof. “Those that are doing they’ve had plenty of time to do that and that’s their skill set, not necessarily are. Ours is to figure out what’s the public policy going forward.”

Mr. Ananich says it doesn’t matter what you call this “once we have these hearings and once we are asking people questions, it’s going to be the same thing at the end of the day.”

The hearings will begin in several weeks.

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