Marco Rubio in Grand Rapids: “This is no time for patience, this is time for action”

GRAND RAPIDS, MI (WLNS) – Senator Marco Rubio took the stage in Grand Rapids Tuesday night, where he was met by hundreds of supporters for a rally at Lacks Enterprise.

While Rubio currently sits in third in the presidential race for the Republican nomination, trailing behind Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, he seemed to have been in first place to hundreds of his supporters tonight.

And while we still have yet to find out the results of the Nevada caucus, he hopes he’ll have strong support there as well.

“I’m not just asking you for your vote next Tuesday, two Tuesdays from now, I’m asking you for your vote in November,” Republican Presidential Candidate, Marco Rubio said.

Rubio was met with a large crowd of supporters, and he came ready to prove why he should win their vote to be the next Commander in Chief.

“This is no time for patience,” he said. “This is a time for action.”

The Florida senator addressed number of issues he plans to address if he’s elected president, including the burden of student debt, and bringing back “free enterprise economics.”

“And that free enterprise model works because it is the only model in the history of the world where you can make poor people richer, and you don’t have to make rich people poor,” he said.

Many of his statements were followed by cheers.

“He brings a very optimistic message to the American people and we’ve got to do something,” Grand Rapids resident Gary Alcumbrack said.

And Rubio laid out he will do if he gains the nations vote to be the next President.

“Number one you are going to get a president that seeks to bring our people back together, “ Rubio said. “I want us to add a balanced budget amendment. We are going to take care of our veterans again.”

“He seems to keep himself above the fray of petty politics, dirty politics, and that’s something that’s definitely appealing to me because I think that we should be mature adults,” Sarah Clark said.

“What I like most about him is how calm and I guess more thought out he is compared to the other candidates,” Rubio supporter, Levi Getz said.

He says he’ll be equal, with a sense of humor.

“I will work every day on behalf of everyone, even the people that don’t vote for me, even the people that don’t like me, even the people who say nasty things about me on Twitter, I will cut their taxes in half too,” Rubio said.

Michigan’s primary election is just two weeks away and as the candidates continue on the campaign trail, we’ll continue to update you both on-air and online.

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