Protesters rally at State Capitol, want Governor Snyder gone

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – It was a small group of protesters outside the governor’s office today.  They had a big delivery.  Three organizations dropped off what they say are nearly one million signatures calling for Governor Snyder to step down over the Flint water crisis.

On a cold morning, protesters came together with a common goal — put heat on Governor Snyder.  They were worked up into a frenzy with one leader going as far as to say Snyder committed not only a scandal but a crime.

When asked about what crimes Snyder committed, the leader was a bit vague.

According to Lansing Resident Ruelaine Stokes, “it’s the most egregious example of government malfeasance that I’ve seen in my life here as an American citizen.  It’s utterly outrageous.”

Groups including Democracy for America, Ultraviolet, and believe not only should the Governor resign, but face an investigation as well.

Democracy for America Communications Director Neil Sroka said, “What we hope to accomplish today is elevate nearly a million voices across this country and here in Michigan who want real accountability from Governor Snyder for the crime that was perpetrated on the people of Flint.”

“The goal is to let him know that we’re still watching this.  That the Super Bowl has gone by, and Super Tuesday is on the way, and all these other events, but we’re not forgetting about what happened in Flint,” said Campaign Director Mark Crain.

According to Governor Snyder’s representative, they are not taking the situation lightly.

Governor Snyder Spokesperson Ari Adler said, “the Governor is clearly concerned about what’s going on in Flint and we are working as an administration to get things working as well as possible, as quickly as possible.  He’s concerned about this every day dealing with it.”

For now, the Constituent Relations Division will process the petitions.  Spokesperson Ari Adler tells us the Governor is focusing primarily on those in Flint who are not getting resources they need.

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