Skubick: Governor rolls out state budget, $232 million proposal for Flint

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – As the governor laid out his budget plan today Wednesday protesters laid into him over the Flint water crisis.

6 News Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick was there as the governor called for more than $230 million to help Flint and angry demonstrators called for him to step down.

Governor Rick Snyder had to wade through these Flint protesters who chanted outside the house budget room during his 50 minute budget presentation.

His top priority was funneling an additional $195 million into the Flint water crisis.

“For water and water infrastructure it’s essentially $37 million. For food and nutrition, $15 million. For health and well-being it’s $63 million. For water bill credits it’s $30 million.”

The lawmakers are expected to approve the water crisis money but only if there are guarantees the money will not be wasted.

But even with the $232 million from the state these protesters do not trust the governor to get this thing right.

“He was aware that we were sick. He was aware that people were being poisoned. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what apology he has because he’s lying straight to our face,” said Abeo Deogado, Flint resident.

The protesters were not allowed in the meeting.

But the republican budget chair had they been in there they would have heard a sincere governor who does want to get this right.

“Well I don’t buy that I guess what I would say it the protesters is I understand your frustration because I think we’re seeing it across the country and I believe it is a feeling Tim, that people think the government is not listening to them and what we saw today from Governor Snyder if they could have been in there they could have seen it. I think he has heard them, responded to their concerns and now will go forward from here,” said State Rep. Al Pscholka (R), house budget chair.

The governor concedes this flint water crisis has been the most severe crisis of his career as for how he’s handling it.

“The part that is the most difficult for me is the fact people have taken this out on my family and that’s really hard,” said Governor Rick Snyder.

Reporter: “In what regard?”

Governor Snyder: “They have Tim, I don’t want to share it publicly.”

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