Skubick: AG Schuette wants Gov. Snyder’s Flint e-mails from 2006 – present

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – Attorney General Bill Schuette’s office wants all of the Snyder administration’s internal communications about Flint’s water dating back to 2006.

Here’s our question: will the governor invoke executive immunity to avoid the disclosures?

6 News Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick tracked the governor down to ask him just that.

“This is the biggest case in the history of the State of Michigan.”

The lead contamination of the Flint water supply has spawned both a federal and state investigation and the state investigators want to cast a wide net to get their hands on all, not some, but all of the internal communications in the governor’s office and the state bureaucracy perhaps as far back as 2006.

“I think it’s critical to get to all the communications of anybody who touched this. So I think your point is well taken that is key in getting those internal emails and text messages and, and memos that went back and forth those are key,” said Andrew Arena, former FBI agent.

Heretofore the governor has said he will release two years of those documents.

So what if the governor invokes some sort of immunity? This investigator argues somebody else tried that and the courts order him to release all the documents. Anybody remember former President Richard Nixon and Watergate?

“I think Nixon tried to get away with that didn’t he, yeah, you can’t can you. So let’s just simply say no one can get away from a crime,” said Todd Flood, investigation attorney, Flint Water Crisis.

Apparently there not be any Nixon-like stonewalling from this governor. He pledges to release the data beyond 2014 and 2015.

Reporter: “And so if they go beyond the years 2014 and 2015, you’re in on that?”
Governor Snyder: “Well again, if these are the official investigations, I said I want to cooperate with them, all the investigations.”
Reporter: “So you will not invoke any immunity on that?”
Governor: “Well again Tim, I haven’t even had the request yet so I’m looking forward if they are going to make the request, that’s something that obviously I want to cooperative with.”

The I-team says it is too early to finger any one person for any possible criminal wrongdoing.

“You need to focus in on where the juice is in this case and where the culpability is and it’s way too early to say one person is at you know the finger pointing here or to toss them under the proverbial bus if you will.”

So when we will know if anybody is tossed under the boss? These folks have no idea.

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