Lansing mayor visits Flint

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – People from other cities are coming together to see what they can do to help those affect by the water crisis in Flint.  Yesterday, Mayor Virg Bernero traveled to Flint to gather information and advice.

Mayor Bernero drew from his prior experiences with Flint.  City officials started the process of replacing their lead lines to avoid a potential crisis 12 years ago.  Now, most of those lines are gone.

Bernero says Flint does not have that long to fix this situation.  The question is, what can he do to help speed up the process?

“That we are here, we’ve got your back.  And we’re going to help in every way,” said Bernero.

The Mayor is another person who wants to join the cause in helping Flint residents get back on their feet.

Bernero continued, “we are working with Mayor Weaver to help her construct a team to create a six month, a one year, and a five year plan for Flint’s future.  For a flourishing Flint.  For a successful Flint!”

Flint is nearly 45 minutes away from Lansing.  Some people may think it is not a “Lansing problem.”  Why should Mayor Bernero help?

“We studied the lead levels, we carefully monitored it.  We replaced what needed to be replaced.  We did the worst cases first and we’ve done it in a methodical way.  So, it was not a crisis because it was dealt with.  In Flint, you have a crisis,” Bernero continued.

Mayor Bernero says Flint officials can take care of the crisis in less than a decade.  Is it feasible?

Lansing Board of Water and Light General Manager Dick Peffley said, “if say Flint wanted to be accelerated to a year long project then it would be about 30 crews.  A lot of coordination but it could be done.”

Mayor Bernero says he plans to share the technology used to replace Lansing’s lead pipes to Flint, so they can learn how to use it.  He says they cannot spend money to help Flint, but they are prepared to share their expertise.  Currently, a committee is mapping out the lead lines in Flint.



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