Equipment stolen from MSU tennis team while in Chicago

LANSING, MI (WLNS)- It’s been a rough weekend for the MSU women’s tennis team, as more than $7,000 worth of equipment and electronics was stolen just hours before they were set to compete in Chicago on Saturday.

“We were arriving early at the facility, we arrived there at 11,” Coach Simone Jardin said.

According to Jardin since the match wasn’t set until 2pm,  she, the eight members of her team and a few other coaches went to grab a quick bite to eat.

‘”We went to a sandwich shop, just literally like a block, or two from this facility a two minute walk max,” said the coach.

The team was parked just outside the Lake Shore Fitness and Sports arena in Lincoln Park Chicago.

The team got back to the van around 45 minutes later, and noticed everything was gone and the lock on the driver’s door was damaged.

“I was in disbelief at that point because unfortunately that’s not the first time that it happened.” Coach Simone Jardin said.

Three years ago, the women’s Tennis Team faced a similar situation, when the same van was broken into and everything was taken from inside. That happened in Lansing Illinois, when the team was heading to regionals.

“The state of Illinois hasn’t been very kind.” Jardin said. “I just want to think that its bad luck and that’s it.” Jardin said.

According to Coach Simone Jardin, more than 6 racquets with MSU’s logo on the strings were taken. In addition, gym bags, MSU tennis gear, one wallet, headphones, I-pods, makeup, and other personal items were taken.

And while it’s been tough on the members of the team, according to Coach Simone in the end almost everything taken can be replaced, and she’s thankful her team is safe.

“Everybody’s safe, everybody’s good…try to come together and continue on,” Jardin said.

The team plans to reschedule the missed match against DePaul in the near future.

Meanwhile, police in Chicago continue to look into the case but at this point no suspects have been identified.


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