Flint state employees aware of bad water since January 2015

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – Members from Progress Michigan obtained E-Mails from the Department of Environmental Quality that the water was not up to par.  As early as January 2015, people employed with the State who worked in Flint had bottled water available to them.  On top of that, water coolers were stationed on each floor in Flint office building.  Now, Governor Snyder has to answer more questions about what he knew and when he knew it.

Michigan spent more than $4,200 to supply employees at the state office in downtown Flint with bottled water.  Now, people are wondering why there is secrecy.

According to Deputy Communications Director for Progress Michigan Sam Inglot, “From the Aramark situation to the Flint water crisis, you know their response has always been slow and it’s always been denying that there’s a problem.”

E-Mails obtained from Progress Michigan show the MDEQ started to question the quality of Flint’s water as early as January 9, 2015, two days after a water advisory was issued.

CEO of Truscott Rossman Kelly Rossman-McKinney said, “I think everyone was taken by surprise to read these stories that indicated that state employees had been getting bottled water at a time when there hadn’t been a lot of acknowledgment at the state level there were problems with Flint water.”

Governor Snyder claims he was unaware of bottled water for the State building.

Truscott Russman President John Truscott said, “Miscommunication or lack of communication.  People were doing their own thing.  That person who ordered the water coolers did the right thing given the information they had at the time.  They are not a regulatory agency, they’re not out testing.”

With more information every day, what can Governor Snyder do to stop the flooding?

“He needs to kind of keep revealing more and more of that information.  It was a great [State of the State] speech, it was one time but people forget,” said Truscott.

Other people believe the Governor is drowning.

Inglot said, “I mean just the fear and distrust that I think it’s put in people is really unprecedented and it just continues to mount.”

A spokesman for Governor Snyder said the bottled water placed in a state building in Flint was for both employees and residents.  The spokesman said he did not know if workers promoted that it was available.  No signs prohibited the public from drinking water from the cooler.

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