Governor Snyder commits to fixing Flint

FLINT, MI (WLNS) – It took thirty five minutes for Michigan officials to address the media in a full house in Flint this Morning.  Governor Snyder gave his memorandum on what the city needs to do, not only in the short term, but long range.  In the meantime, there is continuing criticism on one side, apologies on the other, and maybe some good news on the quality of water in Flint…plus a new panel to oversee the recovery process.

“The people of Flint deserve justice.  You know, they deserve to know how their entire municipal water supply wound up tainted with lead and why Governor Snyder was so slow to respond to the situation,” said Progress Michigan Deputy Communications Director Sam Inglot.

Some people feel the way Director Inglot does, which Governor Snyder says he understands, “this is about working together to address this issue.  Last week in my State of the State I gave history, I apologized, I talked about the background of all of this.  This is about continuing action though.”

The Governor’s actions include increasing their physical presence in Flint with an office at City Hall, expanding Medicaid benefits to residents under the age of 21, and developing low interest loans for small businesses.  With Flint residents concerned about the city’s future, Governor Rick Snyder made sure to let the people know, it’s crunch time.

“How many tests, how many places, how long that will each test cycle will be.  That’s something I hope would happen in the next few days if we can get it resolved,” said Governor Snyder.

Is the water getting any better though? According to Interim Director Keith Creagh, “we can say that things are trending better.  160 of those samples were above 15 parts per billion, so the vast majority, 93.7% were below 15 parts per billion.  85% were below 5 parts per billion.”

Actions are being taken by the government but the people of Flint are still in a holding pattern.

“Let’s establish the protocols so we can safely say, the water out of the tap is safe to drink again.  That would be a huge positive step forward,” said Snyder.

In the short term, Governor Snyder mentions they need consensus when it is completely safe to drink the water while re-coating the pipes.  Snyder also states they need to map out the city’s pipes to find out where the lead lines are and replace those.

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