Indy residents collecting bottled water for Flint

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The crisis with the water quality in Flint has been traced back nearly two years, when the city began using river water to save money.

It’s gotten so bad that some doctors have said it’s not even safe to bathe in the tap water.

The growing concern has touched a group of people in Indianapolis, who are from Flint.

In the last week, big celebrities like Cher have sent truck loads of bottled water to the residents of Flint.

While the self-proclaimed “Flintstones” in Indy don’t have celebrity status, they still have a desire to make a difference.

“My wife and I were born and raised in Flint, Michigan,” Tinley Schools Dir. of Operations Edreece Redmond said.

So, Redmond and his family have been horrified at the images of unsafe water coming out of that city.

“My wife and I both have family and friends that are directly impacted by the problem there, so it hits home for us,” he said.

“It’s really sad because water is such a basic thing that everybody needs to wash up, to eat,” Redmond’s son, 8th grade student Edreece Redmond said.

They’ve decided to take action and join several other families from Flint in starting a bottled water drive.

“I can’t go and redo the infrastructure in the city of Flint or anything like that, but what I can do is gather the partners I have, the community, the friends, and we can be of service to the residents of Flint,” the older Redmond said.

Now the school where he works and his son’s school are on board.

“Asking all the students to bring in water bottles, cases, anything really just so we can get water to take there,” the younger Redmond said.

“It’s really growing, we’ve gotten a lot of interest from a lot of people through all the postings out on Facebook,” his father said.

The drive just began Monday, but they have high hopes for what this community can deliver.

“Our goal is 2500 cases or 60,000 bottles of water to donate to the city of Flint,” the older Redmond said.

They are working with churches in Flint to help take those deliveries.

He just hopes the Indianapolis community can step up to make the water multiply in time.

“Our plan is to load trucks up on Feb. 4 and on Feb. 5 we’ll be heading up to Flint, Michigan to deliver the water,” he said.

The “Flintstones” are also looking for a south side business to take donations.

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