Skubick: Democrats say “not enough” of Snyder emails

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Democrats are not appeased with the release of inter-office emails from Gov. Rick Snyder concerning the Flint water contamination crisis.

One day after the release more.

The governor was to the point “I’m proud of releasing those emails.”

“It is disgusting that the governor feels he can relate the emails that he wants to release rather than all of the emails,” said Senator Coleman Young (D), Detroit.

The governor told lawmakers on Tuesday night that, in the spirit of transparency, he would release emails on the Flint water contamination crisis.

The email drop included 274 pages of inter-office discussions from 2014-2015. At first the administration wondered by the state was responsible.

But when the former treasurer Andy Dillon did not block the changeover to Flint river water the governor’s chief of staff concluded the state owned the problem.

“It leaves a lot of unanswered questions. There’s a number of things dedicated, so many emails from 2013 are not there. i think it shows there needs to be an expanded FOIA law for the executive and the legislature,” said Senator Jim Ananich (D), Flint.

The governor asserts he is not hiding anything and the 2013 emails did not deal with the lead problem therefore he did not release those.

Democrats and others continue to gripe that all of the emails from all of the players in the administration should be released.

“You didn’t see anything that, at least from what you guys have reported, that anything makes the governor say anything more than what he said the other night. I’m sorry and we’ll fix it,” said Senator Arlan Meekhof (R), senate leader.

Next week the senator says the Senate will send $28 million to Flint to do that.

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