Skubick: Snyder apology for Flint water crisis not enough for Dems

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Democrats are complaining that the governor is leaving out some critical emails concerning the Flint water crisis.

Gov. Rick Snyder, after the most important speech of his political career last night, was all smiles with visiting school kids from Dearborn.

But some Democrats are not smiling over the governor’s apology and his decision to release his 2014-2015 emails concerning the water crisis in Flint.

Rep. Sheldon Neeley claims “I’m not so sure I accept his apology.”

The Flint Democrat wants to see the governor’s emails going back to 2013 when the governor’s emergency manager decided to use Flint River water.

“The emergency manager was there,” adds Rep. Neeley. “That’s when a lot of things started.”

When asked if it’s possible a smoking gun might be found in the 2013 emails Rep. Feeley replied “the one he didn’t agree to release.”

The governor retorts he wasn’t asked for the 2013 emails because the lead contamination problem did not appear until 2014.

“So I looked at the time frame and 2014-2015 was when lead was the topic of concern.” The governor denies “absolutely” that he is hiding anything.

Meanwhile the House budget committee voted $28 million for Flint that the governor requested last night.

House budget chairman Rep. Al Pscholka breaks down how the money is earmarked. “If you look at the $28 million about half goes to water filters, lead testing and the troops that are there to distribute and get the job done.”

The governor will likely get the $28 million approved by next week.

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