Common Misconceptions about driving in the snow

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – The dust-like snow may seem small, but with temperatures this low, you can’t predict what may turn into ice and what won’t.

According to Michigan State Police, many accidents have occurred in the past 4 days, and Michigan State police blame common misconceptions about driving in the snow.

“Getting somewhere fast, I mean if you never arrive there it’s just not worth it” Trooper Marco Jones said.

Michigan State Police say with snow on the ground drivers should lay off the gas.

“People just have to remember keep your distance, slow down and allow extra time to get to your destination” Trooper Marco Jones said.

“If you are doing 70 miles per hour and you feel like your car starts to slide, you have to get your steering input pretty quickly otherwise you are going to steer out of control” Sergeant Robert Schwalm said while driving in a blue trooper car.

According to Michigan State Police driving instructor Sergeant Robert Schwalm, a common mistake drivers make, is staying at the speed limit regardless of the weather.

“Speed limits are created for driving under ideal conditions so when you have inclement weather, whether its snow or rain, you need to slow down in order to safely be able to control your vehicle” Sergeant Schwalm said.

And if you do start to lose control of your car while driving in the snow, Sgt. Schwalm says don’t slam on the brakes

“Instinctively a lot of people will go to the brakes and that’s the worst thing you can do. So ideally what you would do is take your foot off the gas and off the brake, look in the direction that you want to go and then steer the car in that direction” Schwalm said.

Many times the people who get into winter accidents or skid off the road will get a speeding ticket for driving too fast in bad weather conditions.

So to avoid fines and to protect your life, please remember to drive safe this winter season.

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