Skubick: How much will it take to fix the Flint water problem?

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – State lawmakers are waiting to hear from the governor about how much it will cost the state to fix the Flint water problem.

And 6 News Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick reports a complete re-do of the water system may be needed.

It’s the biggest challenge of the governor’s political career as he is taking hits at the local and national level for allegedly mishandling the lead contamination water problem in Flint.

“It was a negative role on all levels of government,” said State Rep. Al Pscholka (R) house budget chair.
Reporter: “Somebody messed up?”
State Rep. Pscholka:” Well, I think there was messing up in a lot of different places.”

However the senate republican leader claims the governor is doing a good job.

“We want to umm, stand by ready to help the governor, I think he’s doing a great job going above and beyond with the National Guard and state police and water and filters and things like that. So, uhh, we’ll stand prepared to help,” said Senator Arlan Meekhof (R), senate leader.

There is a long term cost if the state has to pay for a complete overhaul of the Flint water infrastructure.

“If the governor says ‘I have scientific proof that we have to remove some of this old piping,’ it’s going to get done, I will vote for it,” said State Senator Rick Jones (R), Grand Ledge.
Reporter: “No matter the cost?”
Senator Rick Jones: “I think the cost will be reasonable so little children have clean water.”

The governor’s staff met with Flint lawmakers updating on what’s being done.

This Flint democrat reports nobody knows how many persons have been contaminated and at what level.

“Just to get a grip on how many people were exposed at what level. I mean, the greater the level of exposure, the greater the needs of each child. And I mean, we keep saying children, but lead affects adults too,” said Rep. Phil Phelps (D), Flint.

But are Michigan taxpayers willing to spend the money to address all these needs?

“I think when it comes to lead in water and brain damage, I think most people are compassionate to know we’ve got to make sure kids get the help they need,” said State Senator Jim Ananich (D), senate leader.

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