UPDATE: Clerk may face charges after shooting at attempted robbery suspects

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – The Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office has paperwork Friday to determine if charges will be filed against a party store clerk who police say shot at two suspects during a robbery.

This raises a question, when is it legal to shoot at a suspect?

According to Lansing Police, Sunday night in the 1300 block of E. Malcolm X, two men walked into a store and attempted to rob the clerk. As the suspects attempted to leave empty handed, the clerk pulled a gun and fired.

Today it’s not only the suspects who could be in trouble, did the employee break the law?

“If you want to be covered by the Self Defense Doctrine also known as the Castle doctrine, you have to be in fear, which means somebody is about to harm you, about to do something horrible to you.” Senator Rick Jones, (R) Grand Ledge said.

Senator and former Sheriff, Rick Jones wrote the Self Defense Doctrine. While he cannot speak on this case directly, according to him, in order to be protected under that law, a clear “fear for your life” has to be present.

“In general if, somebody is in the process of robbing you, you are in fear. And you may defend yourself” Senator Jones said.

But if the suspects begin to run away…

“You see someone running with your TV, do you have a right to shoot them in the back, no you should never do that.” Senator Jones said.

Six news attempted to contact the owner of the corner market where the robbery occurred. He did not get back to six news, and share his said of the story.

“Now in this case, its alleged that there was some sort of armed robbery going on, so the prosecutor will have to decide does the citizen have the right to attempt a citizen arrest.” Senator Jones said.

Whether the clerk is protected under the Self Defense Doctrine is still in question.

Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III told 6 News, he is waiting to look at the paperwork before he can comment on this case.

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