Lack of “white stuff” means lack of green for local businesses

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – It has been a mild winter so far with temperatures above normal for the first time of the year.

On Friday, when we normally expect snow, we had rain.

And because of that a lack of snowfall is having a big impact on our local businesses.

Joe Gebhardt was in Lansing today where he saw more green than white.

Businesses that rely on snow have been hurting this winter.

“I love snow. (Reporter: “Yeah.”) I mean I don’t like clearing it but, I do when it’s you know, something that’s efficient where you’re not gonna have to go out and work your butt off to clean it all up,” said Derek Hurst, sales manager, Midwest Power Equipment.

“People have been kind of waiting for winter here. Umm, you know we almost had a tropical, uhh Christmas time there. So I think people are ready to come out and enjoy the winter weather,” said Brian Collins, park manager, Hawk Island County Park.

Hawk Island County Park usually opens during Christmas break, but because of the lack of snow, plans have been put on hold.

“You know we do make our snow, umm and it requires a week and a half, two weeks of snow making in order for us, in order for us to be open.”

It isn’t only outdoor parks suffering, 6 News wanted to find out if consumers were thinking ahead and buying items to make life easier during the next big storm.

“There’s been a lot of people coming in and looking at snow blowers and just going ‘eh maybe I’ll just wait until the snow hits,” said Derek Hurst.

But when it does hit and it is expected to hit this weekend will you be prepared?

“When…it actually hits and we get that 3 to 6 inches kind of stuff, that’s when they’re going to go I don’t really want to use my shovel anymore, I’d like to buy a snow blower.”

With mid-Michigan weather expected to normalize next week, businesses and winter enthusiasts alike can expect a boost in good sales and good times.

Hawk Island County Park has plans in place to open the weekend of January 16 to take advantage of all the students having time off for the Martin Luther King holiday.

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