Eaton County officials warning public of phone scam

EATON COUNTY, MI (WLNS) – The Eaton County Sheriff’s Office is warning people about a phone scam being reported in the county. Officials say the call could seem believable to the person on the other end; not only because of the nature of the call, but who it’s allegedly coming from.

6 News spoke with Eaton County Sheriff Tom Reich, who says the scammer claims to be a detective from an attorney’s office and demands money on a loan.

Police believe the caller does this to make sure it’s an actual working number. If the intended victim doesn’t fall for it, another call could follow. This time, from someone claiming to be from the Eaton County Sheriff’s Office, saying the potential victim has felony warrants out for their arrest.

6 News is here for you with the audio recording given to us by police. Here is an example of what the phone scam will sound like:

“Yeah Ms.__ My name is Agent Diggs ma’am I’m going to leave a message in regards to a case I received concerning two felony warrants applications for check fraud as well as electronic wire fraud. Please give me a call as soon as you get this message. My number is XXX-XXX-XXXX. Failure to return this message will result in forfeiture of your rights__I do hope you get the message in time ma’am.”

Sheriff Tom Reich says the Eaton County Sheriff’s Office will never call a person over the phone demanding money, or threatening any kind of arrest.

He also wants to remind you that the department will never contact you to settle any debts with an attorney, those matters go through court offices.

“We are telling people to be more vigilant on this and just hang up on these folks, because they are scams. No one, as I said earlier, no one from this department would ever call anybody demanding money or threatening them to be arrested,” Eaton County Sheriff Tom Reich said.

At this point, there have only been two reports in Eaton County regarding this type of phone scam. There was a similar one reported a few months ago back in November.

That’s why Sheriff Reich is encouraging anyone who happens to receive a call similar to this one, to contact the sheriff’s office.

The number: 517-543-7500 or 517-485-3417. If possible, police say record the fake call.

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