6 News This Morning Weekly wrap-up January 8

Enjoy a light-hearted look back on the week with Chivon Kloepfer, Justin Kree, Mariah Harrison and StormTracker 6 meteorologist Emily Wahls.
Emily: I’m wearing snowmobiling socks right now they’re not so fashionable but don’t worry about that today because it is very cold.
Justin: All three of us took a nap yesterday.
Emily: We did we did.
Chivon: It’s the holidays man we’re not quite ready to get back to work again.
Justin: That’s right we’re still trying to get back in the swing of things.
Emily: Oh I nap every day, my day…my day is not complete without a nap.
Chivon: It’s Tuesday and you mentioned earlier that you had a nice tunes-day Tuesday song so I’m curious what you have to say or sing.
Emily: Ice Ice baby.
Emily: Temp…or not temperatures just yet…satellite and radar you can tell it’s Monday over here.
Emily: I see you laughing at me, he looked at my socks, I’ll show them off I’m not embarrassed, actually I, they’re snowmobiling socks.
Justin: They look warm.
Chivon: I thought maybe they would try to match your outfit or something.
Emily: No I already mentioned they’re not very stylish.
Emily: Those are beginning to move south wester though…I said that again…south westerly.
Emily: Grocery shopping is never fun for me I…
Justin: Well, neither is sprinting into the store but…
Emily: That’s one thing that can just kill my mood really
Chivon: Really?
Emily: Yes, I don’t like it, I would rather be spending money on clothes and shoes.
Chivon: Oh yeah, who needs nourishment?
Justin: It’s just about five oh nine on what seems to be a sunny hump day, good morning everyone.

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