Skubick: Trump faces high-level political opposition in MI

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – The governor, a former GOP House Speaker and a former state Attorney General are all checking in on the candidacy of Donald Trump for president.

And all three are critical of Mr. Trump’s candidacy.

When asked what he thinks of Donald Trump’s candidacy, former Attorney General Frank Kelley doesn’t mince words. “Not much. I don’t think he has the sensitivity or the dedication to be a true public servant.”

The former attorney general, Gov. Snyder and former House Speaker Jase Bolger are all critical of Mr. Trump.

The GOP presidential hopeful moves into the new year still riding high in the polls even through mainstream Republicans and Democrats continue to criticize his candidacy.

Mr. Kelley continues “this guy comes out and says predicted things that a lot of people have in the back of their head and they say, well, he may be prejudice but at least he’s telling the truth as he sees it.”

Mr. Kelley predicts Mr. Trump will not become president.

The former House GOP speaker Jase Bolger will not support Trump comparing him to President Obama.

Mr. Bolger thinks, “We’ve tried big talk with no plans with Obama. We don’t need to try it again with Trump.”

It’s highly unlikely the governor will endorse Mr. Trump as the governor does not like Trump’s call to expel 11 million illegal’s from the country and while he does not mention Mr. Trump by name

the governor thinks some of the top candidates are pandering for votes. “That is a concern. I don’t view that as appropriate,” said Gov. Snyder.

The governor says he is not pandering on this issue by calling on the Obama administration to make sure it is safe to welcome refugees into the state.

Another meeting on that is set for later this month in Washington.

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