MSU fans, newly married couple celebrate New Year’s Eve

LANSING, MI (WLNS)- The Nuthouse Bar and Grill truly is a nuthouse as people celebrate and bring in the new year.

“The State game’s on and New Year’s, oh it is going to be a great time!” Kip Jones said.

“We’re just going to celebrate 2016 and make it a better year than 15 was.” Amy Huile said while sitting next to Jones.

While some people are here for good company others are here for an Alabama and MSU showdown. But one couple in the crowd stole the show, as they celebrate a very special day, their wedding.

“So he told me that if the Sparty’s won that it was going to be on New Year’s Eve, and I was like please if its going to be on New Year’s Eve make it a noon game because we have so many Spartan fans at the wedding” Rochelle Jehnson said while standing next to her new husband Jeremy Johnson.

Rochelle and Jeremy Jehnson snuck away from their reception to take photos at the place they first met. And while the game tries to crash their wedding, they accept the challenge with a smile.

“A lot of people are coming out, I mean they did ask the question are we going to have the game, absolutely it’s going to be a big party and if the Sparty’s win tonight watch out!” Jeremy Jehnson said while standing next to his bride.

And while love is in the air, so is Spartan spirit.

“I don’t care what day it is, you know we are under dogs, we aren’t going to stay under dogs looks like we are going to play Clemson and we are going to win then too” William Burgie an MSU fan said.

For some, the end of 2015 will wrap up at midnight, but for others the fate of the Spartans will determine the close to this year.


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