Skubick: Snyder tries to cut financial deficit at Detroit Schools

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Voters around the state are being asked to contribute to the governor’s proposal to reduce the deficit in the Detroit Public schools.

But Gov. Snyder is saying Detroit teachers are making it tougher to get that state aid for the schools.

Lawmakers are gone for the holidays but when they get in town next month, the governor will greet them with a huge request: $715 million dollars to buy down the deficit in the Detroit schools.

During a public TV interview the governor says a recent rash of teacher work stoppages are not only hurting the students in Detroit, but hurting the long term future of the teachers. “It makes the process of improving education in Detroit more difficult because the people around the state are asking what kind of situation is this? They are not acting in their own best interested best interest along with that of the kids.”

On the issue of kids in schools, there have been new cases of measles reported in several schools raising the issue of mandatory vaccines for kids before they go to school.

Some public health advocates believe every kid should get the shots, but the governor thinks parents should have the right to stay out of program. “Opt out is an appropriate perspective,” says Snyder. But he stops short of making shots mandatory. “I’d want to be careful about making it mandatory.”

And then there is the “guns in schools” issue. The governor does not want any weapons in the schools but he does not endorse background checks for every gun buyer.
“When you get into issues like that what you do is end up selling more guns because it creates a concern and if you look at it, the spike in gun sales, it would correlate to people talking about legislation.”

Lawmakers will be talking about that legislation in the new year.

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