Practical gift ideas for the holiday season

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – It’s an annual trend this time of year, practical gifts for the holiday season.

“I think if you’re going to give a gift this actually presents the opportunity for you to save someone’s life, ” said Lieutenant Gabriel Covey with State Police.

Covey says facing an emergency head-on  before it happens is the best thing you can do for your loved ones.

“It gets people talking it gets that conversation started about being prepared and a lot of us wait till the last minute or until it’s too late man I wish I had this my house just flooded.”

So let’s take a look, what’s on this year’s list?

“We recommend you getting one of these chargers for your i-phone or phone you charge this up and will certainly extend the battery life of your phone,” said Covey.

Plus, a free emergency preparedness activity book for kids.

“If you go to our website you can download this there’s lots of cool things for kids to do and also makes them think okay what am I going to do if there’s an emergency if there’s a tornado,” said Covey.

Other gifts on the list a water filtration bottle and an emergency hand-crank lantern.

In fact, there’s even something for your favorite furry ones.

“There are emergency kits for your animals which a lot of people don’t realize till last minute hey we gotta take care of our pet,” said Covey.

The best part, there’s a gift at every price point.

But when you think about it keeping  you and your loved ones safe is  priceless

“If you have an emergency kit and some supplies ready you can go at a moments notice that’s going to improve your quality of life and very well save your life,” said Covey.”

So if you’re wondering where to find these kits, you can buy them virtually anywhere that includes at any major department store, as well as online.

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