Mid-Michigan dodges WebMD’s flu forecast

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Mid-Michigan is expected to miss the worst of the flu season and WebMD says our sister station WATE in Knoxville is expected to rank number two in the nation for cold and flu symptoms in the early portion of 2016.

The group says the 2015-2016 cold and flu season will peak during the first week of the new year, with the Northeast, Southeast and Midwest expected to experience the highest level of cold and flu activity.

More online: WebMD Cold and Flu Map

WebMD’s interactive map uses a combination of geo-location data and information compiled from four million monthly visits to its Symptom Checker. The data is updated weekly and WebMD says it closely correlates with the CDC Cold and Flu Report. WebMD says its models can predict cold and flu trends up to six weeks in advance.

Top 20 U.S. Cities Likely to Experience Highest Rates of Cold and Flu Symptoms Early in the New Year:

  1. Richmond/Norfolk, VA
  2. Knoxville, TN
  3. Louisville, KY
  4. Dallas/Ft Worth, TX
  5. Nashville, TN
  6. Charlotte, NC
  7. Baltimore, MD/Washington D.C.
  8. Roanoke, VA
  9. Charlotte, SC
  10. Minneapolis/St Paul, MN
  11. Indianapolis, IN
  12. Phoenix/Tucson, AZ
  13. Cincinnati/Dayton, OH
  14. Birmingham/Montgomery, AL
  15. Atlanta, GA
  16. Austin, TX
  17. St Louis, MO
  18. Columbus, OH
  19. Grand Rapids, MI
  20. Omaha, NE

>>Our sister station WATE first reported this story

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