Skubick: Governor Snyder, First Lady Sue Snyder talk about medical scare

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – Governor Rick Snyder started 2015 nursing a broken Achilles heel, but we are learning for the first time the problem was more serious than was reported.

In the first part of a series looking back at the governor’s year in office 6 News Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick spoke with First Lady Sue Snyder who was not so sure her husband would survive the incident.

The governor and first lady can laugh about it now but his running accident last winter got very serious and the public never knew it until now.

The governor had never jogged before but for three straights days on their action, he pushed real hard, which is part of his personality, to prepared for a marathon run with his daughters when the First Lady stepped in.

“I said I think we just need to reel it in a little bit,” recalls First Lady Sue Snyder, Michigan.

The governor did not and then she recounts:

“And then one day I’m sitting by the pool and all of a sudden I see him hobbling back and I said what is going on?”

“He said ‘I don’t know, I think I ripped something’ and I said I told you,” said Sue Snyder.

“I tend to be focused and want to over achieve,” said Governor Rick Snyder.

But then things got very scary the First Lady recalls, her husband had a blood clot.

“I mean his actual pant leg was so tight. It looked like it was just swollen,” said Sue Snyder.

Reporter: “You described it like an elephant?”
Governor Snyder: “Yeah, Elephantiasis on your leg.”

Last May when the governor talked about this issue, he refused to reveal the severity of that blood clot. For the first time, the First Lady does. She thought he might not make it.

Reporter: “Were you concerned about the outcome at any point?”
Sue Snyder: “Oh, absolutely.”
Reporter: “Did you think you might lose him?”
Sue Snyder: “There was a point there that crossed my mind, yeah.”
Reporter: “Because?”
Sue Snyder: “Because it was so serious, I mean the clot went all the way up.”

The doctors nursed him back to good health.

Reporter: “And the lesson learned, governor?”

“I should always listen to my wife,” said Governor Snyder. “Number 1, number 1,” said Sue Snyder.

“Yeah, it didn’t take me all those years of school to figure that one out,” said Governor Snyder.

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