Gov. Snyder on Michigan: “The forecast for our future is good”

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – Job creation, a completed road funding plan, and a balanced budget.

Those are just some of the self-proclaimed accomplishments of 2015 under the leadership of Governor Rick Snyder.

But as we move into the new year, Governor Snyder lays out his plans to continue re-inventing Michigan.

There are a number of accomplishments the governor says he’s proud of. To name just a few, since 2011, more than 420,000 jobs have been created in the private sector and right now, Michigan’s unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been in 14 years; A road funding plan, and an $85 million investment in skilled trade.

Governor Snyder says he’s proud of what’s come out of 2015, however, the future is even brighter for Michigan.

Though the state has faced many challenges, he’s continued to reinvent Michigan through what he calls Relentless Positive Action.

He says, the proof is on paper and Michigan’s fast-growing economy is what set’s our state, apart from others.

“We’ve done great tax reform here, we have a tax system that really encourages businesses to be created in Michigan, grow in Michigan, economic gardening and come to Michigan,” Governor Snyder said. “Our regulatory reform has been great. The most important thing long term though, are the talented people of Michigan and that’s why when I talk about continuing my growth, It’s talking about the skilled trades, career tech education, things like that.”

But Snyder said, there’s more to be done, and he’s focusing on tackling some big issues, to make the new year even better; Now turning his attention to completing three major initiatives.

“We proposed a really cool energy policy for the next several decades for Michigan about being more affordable, more reliable, more environmentally sustainable,” he said. “Education in Detroit is a big issue; we need to improve the educational system for all of the kids in Detroit. They deserve better. And then the third one would be criminal justice reform, what I call “smart justice,” let’s do more diversionary programs up front to help people that may have a mental health issue or drug issue and not simply put them in a correctional institution; Lets solve their underlying issue.”

The governor says he also has his sights set on helping those smaller economically challenged communities, and the state’s launched a program called “Rising Tide” to do that.

“As soon as new year comes, I’m ready to stay on the gas, keep going and to have exciting more years in Michigan, because the forecast for our future is good, but let’s even do better than what people forecast,” Governor Snyder said.

Governor Snyder also talked about his decision to place a temporary hold on allowing Syrian refugees to come to Michigan.

He says he’s working with the Department of Homeland Security to find the best screening processes to make sure extremists don’t make their way into the United States.

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