Day Of Giving: When giving comes full circle

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – The Greater Lansing Food Bank is in the business of giving to those in need.

But, when the giving comes full circle, that’s something special.

That what we found in the story of a veteran who is more comfortable giving than he is taking.

“There’s usually a couple of people looking at the clothes when i come in,” Anthony Pitts explains. “They greet you as soon as they come in the door, they greet you.”

Anthony Pitts is an Air Force veteran who isn’t used to having things handed to him.

He’s one of those types of guy who doesn’t ask for a lot of help. “Right. Right, but see it was a unique experience because it was offered,” Pitts says. “You know, I didn’t have to go and ask. It was offered to me. So that was a unique thing, and that made it easier for me to go and accept.”

When Pitts hurt himself at work he lost his job and fell on hard times.

The Food Bank was there to catch him, and his family, and he could tell he was in good hands on his very first day based on an interaction he had with a woman volunteering at “Our Savior Lutheran Food Pantry”.

“She asked me if I was a veteran and I told her yes, and she noticed on the paper that I had my grandkids staying with me and there was a birthday coming up for one of them,” said Pitts. “She made sure that there was a cake and all the goodies for a birthday in my basket. That touched me.”

Right now Pitts is taking odd jobs and making ends meet.

But in his spare time Pitts makes sure he gives just as much as he gets. “I’ve been volunteering in the VOA kitchen. I usually go down and do lunches and sometimes I was doing the grill.”

He says his days spent volunteering gives him a new perspective. “It’s nice to see the other side. The food coming in and how it’s used to help service people.”

It’s not just 12 days of giving for Anthony Pitts, it’s an entire a life.

An important lesson he learned from the Greater Lansing Food Bank.

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