Fans have high hopes for Spartans to make it to National Championship

EAST LANSING, MI- The City of East Lansing was all abuzz today in the wake of the Big 10 title win and bowl announcement.

6 News spoke with many fans who have high hopes of taking the Spartans all the way to the National Championship game.

“I think we are going to pull off with the win that’s all I can say!” Maurice Calvert said.

Fans are gearing up for a good game at the cotton bowl in December.

Even though the number 3 ranked Spartans are taking on Alabama, a team ranked a bit higher at number 2, there’s still confidence that MSU will walk off the field with the win.

And for many fans, this win would be extra sweet, knowing Alabama is led by former MSU coach Nick Saban.

“Our coaching, against somebody who was already a previous MSU coach so I think that it’s going be, a its going to be a hard fought battle either way” Valinda Christopher, a Spartan alum said.

MSU fans are confident in the Spartans, as they are set to take on Alabama in the Cotton Bowl.

“That’s going to be a toughie but I think we can do it, they have the heart for it. Let’s do it!” Deb & Carmen Velasquez said as they wear their green and white shirts that say “Michigan State Spartans”, and “Big Ten Championships.”

The Velasquez family has watched every game this season together, and today as they represent their favorite team, they say they know the Spartans have the heart to win over a higher ranked team.

“Yeah, they are very talented team but everybody can get beat that’s what I love about college ball is everybody can get beat, just depends on how much heart you have to win.” Jose Velasquez said in his green Spartan hat.

Valinda Christopher said that Coach Mark Dantonio and the Spartan’s have a motto to “reach higher” and she believes because of that the Spartan’s are the team to beat

“It’s the physical thing as well as the mental thing, and think that that’s where we are going to have the edge, is because we have that  we have that ability to reach higher we have that ability to be defensive we have  that ability to fight and be tough.” Valinda Christopher said.

Only time will tell how the Spartans will play.

And as fans look forward to December 31st, many tell me they already know, it will be one to remember.

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