Active shooter training in Lansing

LANSING, MI (WLNS)- The massacre in California is just the latest mass shooting to inspire a local seminar on how to protect yourself, if you’re ever faced with an active shooter.

More than two dozen people participated in an active shooter training in Lansing today. Participants were taught self-defense and how to remove a gun from a shooters hand.

“Get up now, move on the ground, move, move” Spartan Krav Maga owner said with a fake black rifle in his hands.

In this day and age you can’t escape it, news of mass shootings, almost daily, pop up across the nation.

With the threat on the minds of many, on Saturday some took action to protect themselves if ever faced with  an active shooter.

“If the bad guy comes in and turns himself this way, all of this side is good. If they would get to him and just tackle the guy, maybe two three people will get shot not 14 to 20″ Instructor Lukasz Malesinski  said, while talking to his participants.

It’s a new kind of self-defense class. Justin Moore owner of Spartan Krav Maga said shootings have become a scary norm and you should practice a plan of action.

“These kind of courses and taking that, build that confidence so that fear doesn’t set in as much and you can actually react to the situation.” Justin Moore owner, and lead instructor of Spartan Krav Maga said.

In this class, participants are taught how to fight as a team, attack a shooter from behind, and if a gun is pointed at you, to take control.

“I immediately from here my hand goes to replace this and then I’m leaning in to grab the rifle, okay, followed with a kick to the groin, yanking the gun out now the muzzle” Instructor Lukasz Malesinski  said while demonstrating how to disarm a person with a long-gun.

The steps to take control of an active shooter include:

  1. Redirecting the line of fire or weapon
  2. Taking control
  3. Attacking the intruder
  4. Taking Away the weapon

“‘The attack disrupts the thought process of the body, his mindset is thinking of attacking people and we want to change that mindset as quickly as possible.” Moore said.

Instructors say the awareness, and reaction could save many lives.

“I can take action now, because I’m more confident about it” Alexa Magsouti said.


For more information about a class near you check out

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