Chronic Wasting Disease changes the game of hunting

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – Could it have Chronic Wasting Disease?

The Department of Natural Resources strongly believes they have found a deer in Eaton County, with CWD.

If tested positive, this will be the 4th deer to have CWD in the state including others in Ingham County.

Officials say this just adds to the need for hunters to get their deer checked.

Russ Mason chief of the wildlife division for Michigan’s department of Natural Resources, said hunters need to check their deer this hunting season, “There’s literally very little we can do except to slow down the expansion of the disease in the heard while it’s not a big deal for maybe hunters today it will be a big deal for our grandchildren” Mason said.

According to Mason, deer with Chronic Wasting Disease have an abnormal protein and so deer affected, look sick, “Animals that have the disease are emaciated, they may be drooling, they may be afraid of humans, ugh they seem very disoriented” Mason said.

Officials say this disease can wipe out deer if it spreads, so the DNR will have deer checking stations scattered throughout Shiawassee, Clinton, and Ingham County.

“Please bring your deer to deer check stations so that we understand what we are looking at it means everything to us and frankly it means everything to the continuation of a tradition that’s been a part of our heritage that’s been a part of this state for almost a century” Mason.

It’s mandatory for hunters within a 9 township area to get their deer checked, this includes Bath, Delhi, Meridian, and Dewitt Township, and if you do have a deer that has the disease, officials will give a tag to go out and hunt again.

DNR would like the head to test the brain for these abnormal proteins.

DNR plans on working with hunters to give them antlers if they have a good catch.

You can find check stations at

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