Planned Parenthood takes policy bills to the Capitol

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – It’s an organization that’s been a focus of debate in politics, and now is the talk at the Michigan Capitol.

Pink shirts lined the steps of the Capitol, Thursday, urging Michigan legislators to look into two bills.

The first one is the Yes Means Yes Act.

“Which would require those who offer sexuality education to include a module on proactive consent, , because we know that an appalling number of women in this state come up with a non-consensual sex act before the age of 21” Michigan Lori Carpentier President and CEO of Planned Parenthood, Advocates of Michigan said.

“We do more every single day than any other organization to prevent unintended pregnancy, which is over half the percent of pregnancies in the state of Michigan and we should find that appalling.” Carpentier said.

Carpentier said Planned Parenthood does more than prevent pregnancies they advocate for healthcare, that’s why Caprentier is pushing a second bill called Keep the Politics Out of The Exam Room Act.

“Reminding legislators that they really don’t have the background and training to be legislating, what kind of care physicians give out, and how they make decisions, between them and their patients” Carprentier said as she explains what the Keep the Politics Out of The Exam Room Act is.

Genevive Marnon works with Right to Life Michigan, she says the name of the bill sounds nice but there are things planned parenthood has wrong.

“They are suggesting that no legislator has a say what so ever in, uh governing our healthcare, system, which is, is just not true, we have an entire health code so clearly legislator is charged with overseeing our medical system, our legal system our, educational system…” Genevive Marnon said.

Regardless of Marnon’s views against abortion, she says every group has a right to a lobby day, she just doesn’t support their stance on the Keep the Politics Out of The Exam Room Act.

Both bills are in committee, and haven’t been had a hearing.

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