Friends For Life: Nagging Works: Getting Men to the Doctor

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – Throughout the history of time men have lived with women.

And probably since the beginning of time men have occasionally been “nagged” by women wanting them to take better care of themselves.

That’s certainly been the case for Jane Aldrich’s husband, Kip.

A couple years ago he came down with what he thought was the flu.

All he wanted to do is stay home from work and rest.

But Jane strongly convinced him to go to the doctor.

And it turned out, it was good he listened.

“For many years, it always seemed like pulling teeth to get my husband, Kip, to go to the doctor. First of all, he’s always been in pretty good health, so if he got sick, like a lot of guys he’d just stay home, suck it up, and let it pass,” said Jane Aldrich.

But, four years ago, something dramatic happened.

“I woke up that morning feeling like I really had the flu, very quickly. I curled up in a ball, didn’t want to move,” said Kip, Jane’s husband.

“Four years ago, Kip would have gladly stayed in bed that morning. Except, when I looked at him, something just didn’t seem right,” said Jane.

Kip: “Like a typical guy, I said, no I’m fine, just leave me alone and I’ll feel a lot better. But she insisted. She brought me here.”
Jane: “Here, to the office of Dr. David Pawsat in East Lansing.

It took Dr. Pawsat less than five minutes to determine that Kip had more than the flu.

He immediately called the emergency room in town to make sure Kip was seen, right away.

After many hours and many tests at the hospital we found out that kip had Adult Onset, Type 2 Diabetes.

We had no idea.

His blood sugar that day was sky high, enough to put him in a diabetic coma, if left untreated.

“Certainly the flu can show up with a lot of the same symptoms of diabetes,” said Dr. Pawsat.
Jane: “It was obvious to me, as his wife ‘cause I was thinking, I’ve seen him with the flu before, and there was something off about it.”
Dr. Pawsat “That’s sometimes a woman’s intuition, you know?”

Since being diagnosed, Kip has lost over 25 pounds, controls his blood levels with medication, eats a lot better, even when I’m not around to nag and he even started biking, to make sure he gets regular exercise.

“And it’s not uncommon Kip, as guys we think we can push through these things and somehow we’ll get better. Thank God for our wives, they have a different way of looking at health care, at our health,” said Dr. Pawsat.

Kip: “That was something so serious that God only knows what would of happened.”

Dr. Pawsat: “Jane’s persistence was probably life-saving.”
Kip: “Yeah, I’m glad she’s a persistent woman.”

Jane: “And I’m so glad that Kip listened that day, when I lovingly said, “Get your butt in the car.”

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