Election 2015: East Lansing City Council Draheim, Altmann and Meadows

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – In four days voters in Michigan will hit the polls.

6 News has been highlighting candidates running for city council seats in both Lansing and East Lansing.

We complete our look at candidates vying for the East Lansing council seat.

Along with Mayor Nathan Triplett and Jermaine Ruffin there are four other candidates.

Shanna Draheim has lived in East Lansing for 11 years.

She is a senior consultant at Public Sector Consultants Inc. This is her first time running for office. She says other successful cities can be used to move East Lansing forward. “I go out and look at best practices,” says Shanna Draheim. “What are other communities doing, what are other states doing that are applicable that are helpful for my clients. In East Lansing’s place a lot of the challenges and opportunities that we’re dealing with here aren’t that unique. So I would really like to see what we can be doing on that front, what are those best practices.”

Also up for the council seat is Erik Altmann who teaches psychology at MSU and has lived in East Lansing for 15 years.

This may be his first time running for council but he’s been going to council meetings for past year. He says he knows what the people want “if you look at my campaign contributions almost all of my money comes from East Lansing residents and none of it comes from developers. I’m far above the pack of candidates on that measure. My campaign is paid for by city residents because they want representation.”

Mark Meadows, who is no stranger to politics, has lived in East Lansing for 34 years and has previously served as a state lawmaker and even held the position of East Lansing mayor.

He says his experience in politics is the right voice for council. “I’ve had the opportunity to talk with people at the door over 25 times over my political career. I think I understand the feelings and understand how to address the feelings of the citizens on these particular issues. So experience and dedication.”

The sixth candidate for East Lansing city council is Steve Ross, who declined our invitation to be interviewed.

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