Friends For Life: Hill Family

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – All month long 6 News is focusing on men’s health during the second installment of our Friends For Life series.

To kick off the series 6 News Anchor Justin Kree talks to the Hill family, from Chicago and learns how the No Shave November movement got started.

It’s gained national attention as a way to drop the razors to raise awareness, but the cause was launched after their family was dealing with a tragic loss.

6 News spoke with a member of the family to learn more about what this No Shave November means to them.

For the month of November you will see them grow and grow and grow.

No Shave November is a movement that has swept the nation from New York to LA and everywhere in between.

But where did it begin? The story starts seven years ago in Chicago with Mathew Hill. He was in remission at the time.

Hill was first diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1997. He was cancer free until April 2006 when the father of eight was diagnosed with stage two colon cancer.

After a 19 month battle, Hill passed away, leaving behind a grieving family.

“It was tough seeing someone like that kinda being taken away slowly,” said Nicholas Hill.

When their dad passed away they wanted to spread the word about awareness so people understood the importance of getting screened and tested for cancer.

That’s how No Shave November started.

“The first year we had about 50 Facebook followers. As of last week we had over 200,000. To see that channel of what we try to promote and do is really a success of us trying to get our name out and people just kind of catch on and realize this could be a big deal. Really help spread cancer awareness and help people realize that getting checked or offering support can go a long way.”

Since 2007 the organization has raised over $2 million. Men are putting down the razors and the month’s money that would have gone to razors is being donated to No Shave November.

The movement isn’t just for men, women are invited to join the cause.

“Our organization is not gender specific. Our big thing is getting women involved by skipping hair appointment or a waxing appointment and donating those funds you typically spend on that during the month.”

A family who took their grieving to possibly save other fathers by simply putting razors down for a month.

“The beard and mustache thing over the years has helped, we’re not going to deny that. It’s been kind of fun to see where it has gone.”

For more information on No Shave November, visit

As part of 6 News’ Friends For Life effort, the men of 6 News will be participating in No Shave November.

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