Skubick: Snyder’s second term off to rocky start

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – After a generally successful first term in office, the second term for Governor Rick Snyder is not going so well and he faces a host of challenging and undiminished business.

Governor Rick Snyder took his first oath office over four years ago and immediately launched into his reinvent Michigan agenda and he got generally good marks during the first term.

The second term, so far, has been dotted with one challenge after another with many issues coming out of left field catching the governor off guard.

It happens to every governor.

“Every governor has challenges and that problem with state government as with any organization is a lot of things happen that a governor has no control over,” said Kelly Rossman, political consultant.

Here’s his list of challenges, the governor is still working on his road fix, road work incomplete.

The governor wants to revamp the parole system. Attorney General Bill Schuette and some senate republicans are fighting the governor.

Prison reform, incomplete.

The water in Flint is contaminated. The long term health implications are still to be determined. Flint water health risk – huge unknown.

The governor is asking lawmakers to shell out money for the school district in Detroit. State aid for Detroit schools? A tough sell.

Also in Detroit the FBI has launched an investigation into the agency created by the governor to turn the Detroit schools around.

The EAA probe, who knows where that’s going.

To add to all this, the guns in school controversy.

This political consultant has watched the governor in action.

“It’s not how you lead in the good times, that’s easy, that’s a cake walk, it’s how do you lead in times of greatest difficulty.”

The governor has three more years before he sits down for his final exit interview and that’s plenty of time to convert his incomplete agenda into a finished agenda.

And while he is not one to toss in the towel, his second term is starting out to be a challenge to say the least.

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