Gamrat demands apology for media coverage of scandal

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – Former house Rep. Cindy Gamrat says comments from the media are hurting her campaign to win back her old seat.

Gamrat was expelled from the house on September 11 about an hour after Todd Courser resigned.

A House business office investigation found the two misused tax payer resources in an attempt to hide their affair.

Now, Gamrat says the coverage has hurt her campaign for her old seat and she wants the media to apologize.

From network news to local, former House Rep. Cindy Gamrat says she wants media members to publicly say “I’m sorry.”

In a statement Monday, Gamrat says several news outlets got her story wrong, twisting her words, including her statements before the house panel on September 8.

“I agree with the house business’s office as official misconduct as well as the misuse of state resources,” said Gamrat.

Gamrat says at the time, she was not admitting to misusing taxpayer money for her affair with Todd Courser, but was admitting to something else.

“In regards to having a personal conversation in my office, that possibly could violate house rule 74 if you have a conversation that’s more personal nature than official,” said Gamrat.

The other bone she has to pick with the media are comments about her sharing an office with Courser, which she says is false because she was sharing staff members,not physical space.

Gamrat did openly clarify, she did have an affair with courser but when it came to taxpayer money…

Reporter: “Was there any money involved in the affair?”
Gamrat: “No.”
Reporter: “No state money involved in the affair?”
Gamrat: “No.”

Despite her expulsion from the state house, Gamrat is again running for that vacant seat.

She also would not specify which media outlets she feels have misquoted her statements made at her September news conference.

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