Protesters won’t stop until Planned Parenthood is defunded

LANSING MI (WLNS)- As Republican lawmakers in DC continue to fight the federal funding of the controversial organization Planned Parenthood, protesters gathered outside the Planned Parenthood office in Lansing.

More than a dozen protestors gathered on the corner of Clippert and Vine with strong images in their hands.

“In the 60’s they called them baby killers today they call them abortion doctors” Protester Eugene Conors said as he held an image of an unborn fetus.

Heated words on posters showed this group has one main message, it’s time for change when it comes to federal dollars being spent to support Planned Parenthood.

“I just can’t stand the idea of society sanctioning the murder of the most innocent among us, sanctioning the murder of babies”  Eugene Conors, a protestor seeking to defund Planned Parenthood, said.

Among the crowd of protestors was Kia Watson.

“I have eight of my own and I’ve never had a thought of an abortion” Kia Watson said, a mother of eight children, and protester.

“We are just kind of encouraging people to pursue with their pregnancy and to stay encouraged and to know it’s going to be tough having children but to gain and redeem your strength through Christ” Watson said.

But while abortion is the main conversation among the protestors, Planned Parenthood officials says less than 5% of their services involve abortion care.

“‘So we do everything from your annual cancer screening, to STI treatment and testing to prenatal care, to education. So what people don’t really understand is the breath of services that we have.” Planned Parenthood Spokesperson  Desiree Cooper said.

Planned Parenthood will be celebrating 100 years of service Cooper said, “For many people we are the only healthcare that thee will receive in a given year, and overtime 1 in 5 American women will go to a Planned Parenthood in their lifetime ” Cooper said.

Cooper of Planned Parenthood said she is surprised at the lengths some lawmakers have gone through to put federal funding of PP in the spotlight, considering what the organization gets from the government, in her eyes it’s minimal.

“Defunding planned parenthood really shouldn’t be a conversation, planned parenthood comprises about .000015% of the federal budget” Desiree Cooper said.

Protestors tell me they will continue to make their voices heard until they see change, and wont stop until PP is defunded.

As for the Planned Parenthood in Lansing, it does not provide any abortions on site.

According to officials, the organization will continue to do it’s best to provide health services to people need.

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