Neighborhood upset over neglected land

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – It’s a debate over who should take care of 11 acres of land in a neighborhood on the southwest side of Lansing.

One homeowner says it’s the city’s job. The city says it’s the neighborhoods.

Tom Ryan has lived in Glenburne Subdivision in Lansing for more than 30 years, but after three decade, he’s moving because of this.

“The kids are using it as crime central. The houses over here a couple of them are empty and abandoned and they come through the wooded privacy fences. My house has been broken into three times,” said Tom Ryan, lives in neighborhood.

Neglected for about six years now, these 11 acres of land sit as an eyesore to the neighborhood.

Uncut grass surrounded by foreclosed homes and trash, Ryan describes it as a war zone.

It’s a space he says the city should take care of.

“Neighbors, they’re upset and angry about this. They would rather the city come to them and make an effort first.”

However, the city says it’s not their problem and documents prove it isn’t.

“I mean it’s right there in black and white. It’s not manufactured by the city. It’s their property, it’s their rights,” said Bob Johnson, director, planning and development, City of Lansing.

There are some 300 homes that surround the 11 acres of land. It’s property each homeowner shares as property.

Ryan disagrees.

“That is a technical definition of a city park..i believe is a private sidewalk fenced entrance into an open zone,” said Ryan.

“It’s never been a city park, it’s not owned by the city. It’s shared. It’s a common facility,” said Bob Johnson.

According to Johnson the property owners can do something about this, but it would have to be the efforts of a homeowner’s association, a collective group of people.

Meanwhile the city will be hands off.

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