More cars damaged in Calhoun, Eaton Counties

(WLNS) – More gunshots, more damage and more drivers coming forward, new additions to a string of strange damage reports continues to have law enforcement on high alert in mid-Michigan.

We first saw the string of incidents on large highways like I-69 and I-94.

Now the Eaton County Sheriff’s Office says they’re seeing a spike in reports along local roads.

There’ve been nearly two dozen recent reports of windows being broken along stretches of highways in Eaton, Branch and Calhoun counties.

Police have confirmed that at least three of those cars were damaged by gunfire.

Now the scary incidents are shifting onto rural stretches of highways, too.

In the past 10 days four cars have been hit by projectiles, one with a bullet.

The gunfire was on M-66 and three other projectiles on M-50.

Now the Eaton and Calhoun county sheriff’s offices are teaming up with state police to catch the person responsible.

“Right now it is a mystery,” said Eaton County Sheriff Tom Reich.

Windows shattered after a simple drive down the highway.

It’s a scary trend the Eaton County Sheriff says it becoming more common, with four cars hit by projectiles in the past 10 days.

“Reporter: Are you worried that someone might get hurt in the future?”

“Absolutely, absolutely. That’s why we’re working every day on this case,” said Reich.

Investigators believe the person responsible is now targeting cars on M-66 and M-50 in Eaton and Calhoun Counties.

The Calhoun County Sheriff says, in their county, one of those cars was hit by a bullet Wednesday and a prompt 911 call brought even more answers.

“We were able to pinpoint where the exact incident occurred which the incidents that were occurring on the freeways we couldn’t drill it down to an exact location,” said Calhoun Co. Sheriff Matt Saxton.

The two counties are putting their heads together for leads but say they hope tips from the public will help them catch the shooters.

“It’s gonna take one tip and it’s gonna break this whole thing wide open and we’ll get it, just hopefully no one gets hurt in the meantime,” said Reich.

No one has been injured after being hit on the highways but the Eaton County sheriff says they’re asking the public to be vigilant, so that someone isn’t hurt in the future.

Report anything that looks odd on the road, whether it’s someone in a ditch, on the side of the highway, or a car that seems out of place.

They’ve set up a tip line for calls at 517-543-5433.

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