Player of the Week: Trent Stone of the Holt Rams

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – This is our 6 Sports Player of the Week night and we’ve seen this young man rip off huge chunks of yardage for a couple of years.

He’s Holt Rams running back Trent Stone.

Trent Stone is more concerned with keeping his spot than being in the spotlight.

In the blink of an eye, Trent Stone turns nothing into something, and a whole lot more.
“It’s just all about patience. My uh, my lineman open up holes and um, fortunately you were there to see it. I see the big hole and I go,” he says modestly.
Last Friday at East Lansing, Trent rumbled for a season-high 264 yards and 4 scores. But as usual, the stats went overlooked by the senior tailback.

Holt head coach Chad Fulk sees how important winning is to his running back. “Before games, I talk about “if you do this, you’re gonna get your yards” and he’ll yell at me, “Coach, I don’t care about my yards, all I care about is winning.”

Trent’s one of the most dynamic, big play threats in mid-Michigan football. But you couldn’t tell it from a conversation. That’s because he’s one of the most selfless and soft-spoken superstars you’ll ever meet.

Coach Fulk tells 6 Sports “Ya know, he got a little nervous and said, they’re gonna wanna interview me and I said yes, they’re probably gonna wanna talk to you. And he goes, I don’t like talking on camera. He doesn’t like talking about himself, he likes talking about his teammates.”

“Cause I don’t want them taking my spot. We’ve got some real good running backs coming up in the junior class,” explains Stone.

But despite putting up star numbers, he’s still afraid of somebody else taking his spot. “Yes sir. Anybody can take a spot,” he says with a laugh.

That healthy competition pushed the Holt Rams to the top of the CAAC Blue standings.

But the battle for a title has only just begun.

“We’re fighters,” Stone explains. “Have you ever seen a ram fight? Oh yeah. That’s, head to head. Yes.”

Last word goes to the coach. “Is Trent Stone the guy you wish all your players would be like? Yeah, you know if we had a team full of Trent Stones, we’d be pretty good.”

Trent Stone, our 6 Sports Player of the Week.

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