Heroin deaths on the rise

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – Officials say heroin related deaths are on the rise in Greater Lansing.

According to the Ingham County Health Department, in 2014, a total of 28 people died due to heroin.

This year, the numbers from January to June, show heroin has already claimed 19 more lives, a concerning number with half the year to go.

Lansing is well on track to overtake last year’s number of heroin related deaths and it’s a problem that has even caught the attention of the mayor’s office.

“There’s this heroin epidemic that I’m deeply, deeply concerned about and again this has hit the country, it’s here, it’s in Detroit, it’s in Lansing…” Mayor Virg Bernero of Lansing said.

“You’ll do whatever you need to, to survive and survive means get your drug” Corey Warren of WAI- IAM, an organization to help  those with addictions, said he once was an addict, and explains how his addiction was.

Twenty six year old Corey Warren, battled addictions for most of his life, today drug free, he says the current type of heroine out there is the cause of all these deaths.

“I use the term Heroin epidemic lightly because it’s always been there, it’s just now it’s getting cut with deadly products you know fentanyl, it’s getting cut with poison, that’s killing people.” Warren said.

“You’re not going to take drug dealers off the streets you’re not going to take the drugs off the streets you have to get in with the people’s minds” Warren said discussing solutions.

Warren’s been drug free for years, and today he says the problem starts with youth, who take drugs to escape insecurities.

“If you really want to end the epidemic, it starts with the classroom it doesn’t start with people like me who know what heroin does to you, it starts with the eighth grade classroom, the seventh grade class who hasn’t touched drugs yet”  Warren said.

According to the Health Department the Lansing Fire Department uses Narcan, a medicine used to counter the effects of a heroin overdose, 211 times this year.

The number of deaths for this month have not yet been released.

Corey Warren and his mother created an organization called WAI-IAM where they have special programs, to help addicts of all ages.

Club Rise is one of their programs with a location in Lansing.

If you know anyone who struggles with addiction please contact WAI-IAM at http://www.wai-iam.com/.

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