Skubick: State lawmakers not pleased with Courser & Gamrat running for old seats

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Now that former Representatives Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat have decided to run for their old seats, some lawmakers in the Michigan House are not happy about it.

They have some options if the two are elected to office again.

If lawmakers thought they were done with Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat when she was expelled and he resigned, they were wrong.

Both are running in a special election to regain their seats.

Todd Courser is on the record as saying it’s up to the voters now. “I think really what I would say is the voters should have been able to decide,” Courser claims.

And Ms. Gamrat agrees but some of their former colleagues don’t think they should run. “I don’t believe that they should,” says Rep. Tom Cochran.

Rep. Cochran knows the law says they can run but insists “the law says that, let the people decide.”

But Republican House member Rep. David Pagel hopes the people say no. “Let’s just hope that the voters have a little more wisdom than to say hey let’s send these guys back, they did such a bang-up job for us.”

But what if the voters send them back to Lansing?

Former Republican lawmaker Joe Havemen argues, don’t seat them. “Frankly, with Cindy, she shouldn’t be seated and I’m not sure Courser should either, as resigning. I don’t think they’re qualified and they proved that, in six months they proved that,” says Haveman.

Lawmakers would be in a bind if the voters sent them back and then lawmakers voted to remove them.

At first Mr. Cochran said he would probably vote to unseat them but then in midstream he had a change of heart. “That would be a tough one,” says Cochran. “I mean if they feel strongly about putting them back in office, then I would probably step aside and let them serve.”

So the two could put their colleagues on the spot again if they win.

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